Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flight: Kuummiut-Sermeligaq-Tasiilaq

Now there are again photos from East Greenland. I have not been able to lie images into my blog, because I have been hospitalized at the hospital in Tasiilaq, in eight days. Here are some photos from my flight, in the helicopter, to Tasiilaq.
Near Kuummiut

There is no ice in the fjord yet....

Mountain peaks in the evening sun......

East Greenland is filled with high pointed mountain peaks..... A good area for mountain climbing

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Suzesan said...

Hej Carl. Åhh så fint. Very nice.
Jag hoppas du mår bättre.
I hope you feel better.
My regards to all of you in the family Carl:)
Allra bästa hälsningar!