Saturday, May 23, 2009


Greenlandic singer Rasmus Lyberth


carlskou said...

In Greenland, there are released many CDs with Greenlandic music ... An incredibly large number of CD's... The population in Greenland is only approx. 56,000 people ... I want to show you a number from the last CD I purchased .. The singer is Rasmus Lyberth ... He has in a long series of years released good songs ...

Suzesan said...

Very good music. Interesting.

If you want to and have time.....please explain what the song means and what he sings about. He sings good. Relaxing music.

Have a nice evening.

My best regards


carlskou said...

Now I've put on the lyrics for Ajajajaa...If you look at the link to Atlantic Music in the side bar..You can hear a little of every cd they have released...There are also another record company: ULO.. Very good for a population of 56,000 people
Best wishes