Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whales in Ammassalik Fjord

Yesterday Iwas on the Fjord...There were 4 big FinnWhales near my boat...I had only my pocketcamara, but I've got som small videos..Sorry the quality is'nt the best...
Theese big whales..up to 70 tons and 27 meters are often seen in the Fjord in August and September...A sight which always gives me a big impression...Some times a litle scarriing, in my litle boat...Kuummiut a good place for Whale Watching..

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Suzesan said...

Det måste vara fantastiskt att få se de där valarna i verkligheten. Är de snälla?
It must be so fantastic to see the whales irl(in real life)
Are they friendly.. nice.
Jag blev förvånad över ljudet när de blåser (andas) ut. Så högt ljud. Magiskt. I was so surprised over the sound when the whales breathes out air. So loud and magic.
Vi hade besök av en sån i Kattegatt i förra veckan. De sa den kunde vara sju meter.
We had one of those kind of whales out here in Kattegatt last week. They told it may be about seven swedish meters tall(small). A small one. En lille en eller stor. Några fick se den. A few people saw it. Den passerade bara. Just passing by.
Ha en god natt
Hilsen till familjen