Sunday, June 15, 2008

Piteraq 1

Another beautiful summer morning in Kuummiut....Sunshine as usual here in June... The packice is filling the Fjord near the harbour, in our setlement. No wind the water is like a mirror.

Piteraq 2

6.00 PM Big clouds are suddenly generated...What will wind

Piteraq 3

9.00PM The clouds are getting darker and thicker......It's clear we will have Piteraq tonight..

Piteraq 4 Midnight

The characteristic Piteraq clouds.....And the clear sky over the icecap (sunshine) No Wind yet...Midnight

Piteraq 5 early morning

We were lucky.....The wind only reached 18m/sec.
In 1970 the piteraq nearly destroyed Tasiilaq .
When the wind reached 90m/sec the measure was destroyed.
Since then a red lantern is lit in Tasiilaq, when the weather forcast says Piteraq.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

View from the harbour

Went out for a walk this morning. Sunshine as usual here in June...But there are more snow as it use to be.
Went up late this morning, our summerholyday starts today. One month in Denmark and one month here in Greenland..Jubii...

Friday, June 13, 2008


The Animals Went In Two By Two, or are they just practise to be good sledge dogs?

These dogs, greenlandic sledgedogs are very strong. They are always outside summer and winter. They can be dangerous, if they are hungry and they come loose, they somtime attack people. But with the right treatment they are very good dogs.

In Tasiilaq is it posible to learn to drive a dogsledge and get a drivers licence ( for tourists)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where are they???

Near Qinga, the Capelins use to be here on the low water....We follow the herringgulls, they show us where the fish are.
We have foun the right place....

Billions of fish

Here they are, ready to be caught...The Capelins....or Ammassatter as we say.
Billions of them on the low water in Ammassalik Fjord.
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Capelins, here they are

At last the fish are filled into big plastic bags, for transport....Redy for cooking..or drying.
How do they taste?........ihmmm.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ammassalik Fjord open today

Today the packice opened up. It was possible to go by boat to Tasiilaq (Ammassalik). The voyage took only one hour this morning. Nice to visit family...and the supermarket.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Capelins Grand Cru

Special selected capelins (ammassat)...Dried on a sting.
Eastgreenlandic spicaility...... Caught in enormus amounts in June....One of the best places is near Qinga not far from Kuummiut..
Kuummiut= The people by the river (creek).

Ida, a new photographer

Ida took the camera, and said:" let me try"....
Here they are, Mom and Dad..
Kuummiut in the background.


Sunday, sunshine no wind the first barbecue this year.....sausages

When we come back from our summerholidays in Denmark it will soon be time for salmon...Thats better...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kuummiut The First Flowers

This evening we went out for a walk, and saw the first flowers this year.
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kuummiut The Fjord without ice

The ice is now disappearing, slowly drifting and melting away. People from the different setlementens are visiting each other. Some boats are comming to get their part of the capelins, in on the usual fishingplaces. Some people from Kuummiut have left their homes in the setlement, to camp in tents far away from Kuummiut. Now they feel free.....No clocks...a lot of fish.....the time is theirs.......Maybe the best days of the year. Most people come back to Kuummiut in July......Bringing sacks of dryed capelins an trouts.
Many old stories will be told in the tents, in the light summernights.
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Kuummiut computers

In our school (Kuummini Alivarpik) we have 6 computers for the children. The pc's are all on the internet. The children loves to use the computers....But I but it's a big fight to get them going....The pc's are very small. 128MB RAM and just a few GB harddisks...Every day I use a lot of time to delete temp. internetfiles, cookies and things like that. We can't use Windows office, there are simply no room for it.

These 6 pc's is a present from my bank in Denmark...Thy could'nt use them any more (to small).....-I hope I'll be able to get som newer ps's in Denmark (for free) The local authority, haven't got the money for new computers to our school....When I go to Denmark I must beg a bank or a company for some new (old used) computers.

But It is so necessary to have this computers, to get this lovely children out of their isolation, in this small setlement....Maybe the pc can be one of the components to give them a better life.


Kuummiut photos 9. grade 2008

My pupils in 9th grade, have made this video (photostory) all by themselves. They were realy proud when they saw it on YouTube.
YouTube is their new window to the world outside Kuummiut.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


View from our terrace...The same view, I can see from our bedroom window...In this time of the year the glaciers are quite white, but later the glaciers become more and more blue.
There are just a litle ice on the fjord now....Later the packice use to fill the fjord.


The depressive weather from yesterday is gone.
A day with a lot of sunshine....When I came back from my job... i sat for a long time infront of the house looking at the beautiful mountains on the opposite side of the Ammassalik Fjord....No wind, the fjord was like a big mirror....I feelt lucky and thankful...what a beautiful country I'm living in.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On A Grey Day

Absalon, one of my pupils in 9'th grade, took this picture today. We are making a movie and we neded som still pics, too
It was raining this morning, first in the evening the sun broke through.
The snow is now disapeering. It is nice to walk on bare ground again.
Today about +7

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Green Ice and Grey clouds

Today cloudy +5 It's windy.... a little bit borring. We haven't got a boat yet... I was lucky today, was invited by a friend to go to Qinga to catch capelins. (Ammassat). But the wind had packed the ice, so we were not able to come throug the ice.
But it was nice to get some time on the fjord.
Look at the picture, the ice is green,. Because of dirt and soil from the setlement the algeas are growing...Thats why the ice is green.
This evening we are looking at old homevideos...My youngest child loves it.
Now it is 10.18 and it is'nt dark....