Saturday, May 31, 2008

East Greenland in Fox News

East Greenland was in FoxTv yesterday, Scott Sabol had seen some of my pictures on He contacted me and asked for permission to use my pictures in his Morning Show.
Sus. Jeg lavede en fejl på min blog så din komentar forsvandt. SORRY....ha en dejlig helg, fra Carl m. famillie

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look At Us, Carl

Here it is allways interesting to be a model.
Carl...Take a picture they said. But hurry up, the truck will soon be back again.
Now it is possible to sail to one of the other setlements,Kulusuk. Here. the fishers/hunters sell capelins..
Price over 10 us dollars pr. kilogram.
The capelins comes in enormus amounts to our Fjord here in May and June. It is possible to shovel up the capelins near the beach. You can just fill up your boat, if you want.
Capelin translated to Grenlandic: Ammassaat
The name of our fjord is Ammassalik Fjord...The fjord with the capelins

It's Getting Better Every day

The truck in our litle town, has got a hard job to do.
Since last photo of the truck, it have cleaned maybe 150 yards.
It's a problem to get rid of the snow.
The last couple of days it have been raining....
Good for the melting of snow...Today the temperature is +7 celcius.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

New snow...again, again, again...But it looks beautiful.

We use to have the first flowers now....Global warming?....Iceage?....

Weekend jubii!!!


I've just finished the previous letter, then the sunshine came back.....From snow to sunshine...twenty minutes....
Sunshine tomorrow, the weather forcast says... And week end: "that's nice"


It snowed all the day........Becoming a litle bit tired of snow.....But I know the weather suddely will change. Actualy the sunshine is breaking through the clouds just now.....This is the land of the extreme.
The photo is the view from our kitchen window. The yellow house is our hospital, one nurse and two assistants are working here. The red building in the background is our church.
Now we have vissible light 24 hours a day.....For me it's difficult to sleep...All the time DAY....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Never Ending Story

Trying to clear of the roads of snow. That is the situation all over our setlement Kuummiut.
I wonder what would happen when the river start to run?
The weatherforcast says snow tomorrow, will it never stop.....Where are the global warming?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Week End

After bussy days at work, it's nice to have week end. This couple of days we have relaxed. Though we managed to clean up outside the house. Now snow melting very fast, it simply disapeers up in the air.
Now, a great deal of the planning in school is finished. In a month
we start our summer hollydays.

The dinkyes are lying on the ice

It is easy to push them
in the sea.

A litlebit of Kuummiut. Viuw from
Andas house. People ask me: How do you manage the dark winter?
The winterdays up here are very
Light because of the snow.... winters in Europe are much more dark I think.

The long days have started. There are visible light 24 hours a day.
Sun rise at 2:45 AM
Sunset at 10:11 PM
Today Sunday

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Fog Disperse

Ida outside our house
On our way to school still a lot of snow
An old dog sledge
Still foggy this morning
My wife and daughter in front of the school
Our neighbours house

We have been rather bussy the last Week...So, no blogging. In the evening I relaxed with some music...Thanks to Susanne..Played Enya since then.

Now we are planing next year in school. So there are a lot to do.

Next month we are traveling to Denmark...We've got the tickets. We'll stay in Denmark for one month. I will like to buy a speedboat in Denmark. We need the boat, It's like a car in western countries. Here in Greenland there are no roads between the citys.

The fog have filled our little setlement the last week. But yesterday it dispersed...Nice to see the sun again...Her are some photos from the last couple of days.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dog Sledging on Ammassalik Fjord


I dag har vi haft et fantastisk smukt vejr. Så vi tog på fjorden kl 10 med slæde, fiskegrej og madpakker. Her sidder vi og nyder solen Ida fotograferer.

Today the weather have been very nice sunshine all the day. It was very hot. We had to have shirts on because of the strong sunlight. Our daughter Ida is the photographer.

Vi fiskede småfisk (ulke), gennem små huller i isen. Fangede kun fem. Men nød det gode vejr, og det smukke landskab.

We found some holes in the ice and caught small fish (only five). But we enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful landscape.

Her sidder Ida model på vores lille slæde. Ida likes to be model.

På hjemvejen mødte vi Margit og Lars som havde været længere inde i fjorden. Ida og min kone fik et lift hjem til Kuummiut.

On our way home we met Margit and Lars. We got a lift home to Kuummiut.
Ida syntes det var rigtigt fedt at køre hundeslæde. Slæde: large og small

Ida enjoyed the sledgeride, my wife, too. Sledge: large and small

More about dog sleding look at:


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life is good- take care of it. Livet er godt- vær god ved det





Her er en af vores hovedveje
Fra butikken til fodboldbanen
og hellestoppet

Here are one of the mainstreets
From the grossery shop to the football
field and hellistop

På vej østpå, ser jeg to fjelde
liggende på den anden side af et
lille sund ved navn Sarpak.

On my way out of the setlement I see two beautiful mountains on
the other side of a little strait.

I baggrunden kan vi se fjeldene
oppe ved Tuno. Under disse
fjelde er der et godt fiskested
for torsk

In the background we can see
the mountains of Tuno. There are
a good fishingplace for cod up there.

One of the dogs , have found a good place on the roof

Slædehundene slapper af. En har fundet en god plads på taget

Fik 1time og 30 minutters gåtur, i sådan et område, er ligesom at få en humørlynopladning.

After 1 and 1/2 hours walking..I feel good in body and mind


Spring we've found the bench

Så dukkede bænken frem af sneen