Monday, May 19, 2008

Week End

After bussy days at work, it's nice to have week end. This couple of days we have relaxed. Though we managed to clean up outside the house. Now snow melting very fast, it simply disapeers up in the air.
Now, a great deal of the planning in school is finished. In a month
we start our summer hollydays.

The dinkyes are lying on the ice

It is easy to push them
in the sea.

A litlebit of Kuummiut. Viuw from
Andas house. People ask me: How do you manage the dark winter?
The winterdays up here are very
Light because of the snow.... winters in Europe are much more dark I think.

The long days have started. There are visible light 24 hours a day.
Sun rise at 2:45 AM
Sunset at 10:11 PM
Today Sunday