Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kuummiut computers

In our school (Kuummini Alivarpik) we have 6 computers for the children. The pc's are all on the internet. The children loves to use the computers....But I but it's a big fight to get them going....The pc's are very small. 128MB RAM and just a few GB harddisks...Every day I use a lot of time to delete temp. internetfiles, cookies and things like that. We can't use Windows office, there are simply no room for it.

These 6 pc's is a present from my bank in Denmark...Thy could'nt use them any more (to small).....-I hope I'll be able to get som newer ps's in Denmark (for free) The local authority, haven't got the money for new computers to our school....When I go to Denmark I must beg a bank or a company for some new (old used) computers.

But It is so necessary to have this computers, to get this lovely children out of their isolation, in this small setlement....Maybe the pc can be one of the components to give them a better life.