Saturday, December 13, 2008

Full moon in December

I woke up to this wonderfull winterlandscape this morning....After several days Neqiaqs and piteraqs was it very peacefull, to see the Christmas full moon...
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Unknown said...

That's really amazing...wish we had that kind of landscape here in FL! I tried to take a picture of the moon last night but, yours is gorgeous!!! My friend sent me a link to your site. :-) great photos.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog & site. I'd love to contribute to your school. I live in Northwest Florida panhandle (much like the last post, what's the chances of that happening?). Obviously, we have to get our snow thru sites like yours, thanks for sharing.
Would your school benefit from something locally? such as sand from the Gulf of Mexico? Shells? Photos? I'd be more than happy to send whatever you suggest.
Rachel said...


Suzesan said...

Vackert mycket vackert. Tack Carl!!!
Very beautiful
Ha en bra dag!
Allra bästa hälsningar

Cat's Table said...

I love this photo. The quality of the light is just amazing. I see that it is 8.15 in the morning but I wonder how much light you get even in the middle of the day. My weather is just ordinary dreary. Have bookmarked your site and will spread the word about your school. Kimberly Breeze, Firenze,Italy