Friday, December 5, 2008

Neqiaq... Blizzard ...

It was posible to go to school today...But already in the morning the wind raised, and before noon it was blizzard.....We had a good day in school.In my workshop..the kitchen...we had produced a lot of food cakes, pizza and cookies. In half an hour all of it was sold....Five days with intensive work...sold out in 30 minutes...
In the wind gusts we reached 103,2 Km/hour.... Fore more information about the weather today look at this link
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Suzesan said...

Hej Carl!
Oh shit! My oh my!:) Så mycket snö.
Jag vill ha sån snö!!!!!
Det är nog därför alla tror att innuiter bor i igloo/snöhus *skrattar*
Ha det så bra där i snön åhhh jag vill ha snö.
Allra vänliga hälsningar till dig och familjen