Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunny October days

Cold sunny and beautiful day in October. It is colder than normal for the season and the weather is fairly stable... It is not normally ... Maybe a sign of the climate changes coming?
Small girls playing near the river....
Many dogs are tied close to the river ...

The many small colorful houses look nice in the sunshine....

The world's most beautiful view :-))

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Mário R. Gonçalves said...

Hello Karl,

I wish you are confortably installed in your new house and can finally rest a bit and publish nice posts like this one.

"Colder than usual" is good, as far as climate changes go. Here, we had 3 weeks hotter than usual, around 28ºC in it rains almost permanently.

I have 2 classes, one in day time and one after 7 p.m. . The daytime is 16 years old, and they give me a lot of work and trouble. Hard to keep them quiet. But they are good pupils.

The night class are adults. They work in daytime. They are tired and often they don´t show up, I never know which and how many I will have in the class. But they desperately need to study and get a degree to improve their job situation. I must do my best for them.

As often is the case in Portugal, badly programmed works are to begin in my school after January. The building is to suffer deep improvements, so we will have classes in...containers !!! And the machines' noise will be unbearable. I wish I could go to Greenland for a year...