Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moving Back to Kuummiut

In July i'm moving back to Kuummiut.. I hope to get a job as theacher in the school...I'm missing Kuummiut..

 Kuummiut in August..


Mário R. Gonçalves said...

Hello, Carl,

I hope it's for the best you return to Kuummiut. I feel those were your best times in Greenland, you seemed thrilled and your photos so marvellous. But from far, Tasiilaq seems a better place to live.

Sorry to hear that you'll be living apart from your wife, I wish you both the best.

And have a good new school year from July on!

dersertrain said...

Hi,again From Mesa,Arizona.
My prayer is that all will go well with you
And that God will bless you and your family in this time of transition, His plan is always the best