Friday, October 29, 2010

In Kuummiut

Our little cabin in Kuummiut

Northern lights over school

This evening was very beautiful northern lights

Luckily the weather improved during the week


Mário R. Gonçalves said...

Dear Carl,

believe me, your photos of that wonderful land are one of my favourite joys nowadays.

With all that astonishing beauty, I can only regret you don't post more often...and make some text reports... Daily life there remains a mistery to people like me.

carlskou said...

Hey Mario ... It's a matter of prioritizing my time and I do not want
becoming dependent on having to write on my blog every day ... By the way is
internet uploading very expensive here in Greenland ... It is not unusually that I get
bills of 500 euros a month .... Pictures can maybe get people to come
up to Greenland for yourself to discover the country ... Thank you for your lovely